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Funeral Processions

Harmon's Carriages can provide a traditional farewell tribute to your loved one. The distinctive maroon and black carriage will carry the casket through the cemetary enroute to the final resting place. This carriage will be driven by a coachman attired in frock coat, top hat, boots, and breeches. Contact us for more information on this tastefully done service.

Funeral of Dr. Arthur Goldberg
at Judean Gardens in Olney, Md.
Dr. Goldberg was a reenactor so the carriage caisson was very appropriate for his funeral.

Photos by Alan B. Fisher


Inita Jackson, Board President and Founding Member of
Eastgate Redevelopment Assn, Inc.


Funeral Procession of Inita Jackson

Longtime resident of Eastgate, Inita Jackson, worked hard for years to accomplish the granting of The HUD Hope VI Redevelopment Grant for Eastgate Gardens. The old housing development was demolished and is being replaced by new housing for 269 families at 51st Street & E St., SE in Washington, DC . Miss Inita's family wished her to have a final tour of the almost completed project at her funeral. Her casket covered in flowers was driven around the area by John Moore driving Dempsey & Karry. Horses were braided in black with black plumes on their bridles.

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